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Wood Fired Pizza

Best Wood Fired Pizza in Camberwell

Pizza aficionados will agree on one thing, if it’s not cooked in a wood-fired oven, it’s not pizza. Sure, anyone can put toppings on hot bread and call it pizza, but true Italian pizza is made only from the highest quality, freshest ingredients atop delicately hand-made pizza dough baked to perfection at 400º C in a wood-fired oven. Our pizzas simply cannot be matched and have earned us the reputation of having the best pizza in Camberwell.

Try our delicious selection of toppings like the sweet and salty combination on our Pear and Pancetta pizza, or pay homage to the pizza that changed the world forever when Queen Margherita gave it her name and put pizza on the map.

For an authentic Italian pizza experience in a fun and family friendly environment, you can’t beat Short Black Café.

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