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Business Lunches & Dinners in Melbourne

short black cafe

Whether you are inviting clients to dinner to build a lasting relationship or meeting with some employees to hash a plan over lunch, it’s critical that you choose a place that is enjoyable and guaranteed to impress your guests. As in the corporate world, good impressions lead to big results. With us, our team will make sure your business lunch or business dinner in Melbourne goes above and beyond all expectations.

Melbourne’s Most Popular Spot For Business Lunches & Dinners:

For years, bosses, clients and employees have been gathering together and escaping the office to conduct business over a meal. It’s a setting where plots are created, wavering clients are won over and valuable employees are inched closer to the cooperate breast. So, whether you want to reward a hard-working employee or impress a client, Short Black Cafe is the perfect place to host your business lunch and dinners.

Our classy, safe and quiet cafe is conveniently located and has plenty of private areas that will allow you to conduct your business in peace. We also ensure that everything happens seamlessly, from sitting, serving and delivering; our team will work hard to ensure everything is in a quicker fashion than normal, without compromising on quality. Our friendly and attentive team will serve and deliver you with the best Italian meal in Melbourne; which will definitely impress whoever you bring along.

Short Black Cafes Business Lunch Experience:

With us, you can experience business lunch in style and have a delicious meal within the hour from our special lunch menu. Our business lunch menu is from Monday-Friday and only $16 per person. The special includes a meal and drink for both you, your client or employee. You can treat them and yourself to the following menu for your business lunch in Melbourne:

  • Entree Pasta Selection
  • Entree Lasagna or Cannelloni
  • Entree Fish & Chips
  • Entree Calamari & Chips
  • Entree Chicken Parmigiana
  • Small Wood Fired Pizza
  • (Seafood pasta or Pizza not included)
  • All meals come with a choice of following beverages:

  • Glass of Red or White Wine
  • (Fermoy Estate FE – Margaret River WA)
  • Pepsi Soft Drink Range
  • Lemon Lime & Bitters
  • San Pellegrino Range
  • Short Black Cafe Business Dinner Experience:

    As for Business Dinners, we offer a unique experience that allows you to do business in style and have an elegant sit-down dinner with your clients or colleagues. While we are loved for our classic Italian meals, fresh seafood and more, we are also loved for our unique menu packages. We have crafted a premium range of special menus that will really impress your clients and may even close the business deal. We offer a range of packages and menus to suit your business dinner, and if there’s something, in particular, you want to really WOW your guests and let them feel appreciated; then let us know ahead of time and we can tailor something special just for you.
    Not only will our fresh authentic food set off the scene at your business dinner, but our backdrop of thriving Burke Road will enhance and appeal the meal experience even more.

    Book A Business Lunch or Business Dinner in Melbourne Now!

    If you’ve been wandering around trying to hunt the best spot for Business Lunches and Dinners in Melbourne, then there’s no need to anymore! Short Black cafe offers a unique experience with supreme service, coffee and Italian dishes that are unlike any other in Melbourne.

    We have the right facilities and team that will ensure your business lunch or dinner is in safe hands. From the moment you and your guests walk in, we will handle everything to ensure a smooth experience.

    Escape the office with Short Black cafe and treat your team or client to a flavoursome meal we know they’ll love. Not only do we guarantee the best Italian dishes in Melbourne, but we also ensure you’re given a semi-private area that will allow you to relax and engage with the person you brought with you on your business lunch or dinner.

    Reserve a table today. You can get in touch with one of our friendly staff via phone or email. Simply call us on (03) 9882 8599 or send an email to [email protected]

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